Senior Amateur Championship
Senior Amateur Championship
Updated: 8/3/2010 5:53 pm EDT


PositionPlayer ClubTodayHoleTotalRoundsTotal
1Schlachter, PaulThe Club at Nevillewood+2FEven6872    140
T2Bartolacci, Jr., Thomas A.Saucon Valley Country Club-1F+27369    142
T2Lutz, ChipLedgeRock Golf ClubEvenF+27270    142
4DeNezza, DaveGreensburg Country Club+2F+37172    143
5Benson, JohnPunxsutawney Country Club+2F+57372    145
T6Thompson, Raymond T.Overbrook Golf Club+2F+67472    146
T6Stern, FredTotteridge Golf Club+6F+67076    146
T8Brookreson, David K.Huntingdon Valley Country Club-1F+87969    148
T8Thon, RichThe Springhaven Club+6F+87276    148
T10Wagner, ChickOakmont Country Club+3F+97673    149
T10Kania, Jr., Arthur J.Merion Golf Club+4F+97574    149
T10Irey, RocLookaway Golf Club+4F+97574    149
T13Bartolacci, WayneJericho National Golf Club+5F+107575    150
T13Moser, Michael L.Kennett Square Golf & Country Club+6F+107476    150
T13Domenick, MichaelPhoenixville Country Club+7F+107377    150
T13Panebianco, DrewTalamore Country Club+7F+107377    150
T17Knoll, Edward H.Deer Run Golf Club+7F+117477    151
T17Sawyer, Terrence J.Commonwealth National Golf Club+7F+117477    151
T19Ruby, JoeUniontown Country Club+6F+127676    152
T19Lykens, LeeClearfield-Curwensville Country Club+4F+127874    152
T19Erickson III, Don H.Indiana Country Club+10F+127280    152
T19Scott, CraigHuntingdon Valley Country Club+6F+127676    152
T23McFadden, Francis J.Overbrook Golf ClubEvenF+138370    153
T23Ockenfuss, Robert E.Indian Valley Country Club+3F+138073    153
T23Palko, BillSunnehanna Country Club+3F+138073    153
T23Baloh, BillGreensburg Country Club+9F+137479    153
T23Teel, John F.Hanover Country Club+6F+137776    153
T23Custer, RickBrookside Country Club+7F+137677    153
T29McFarland, Ned M.St. Clair Country Club+5F+147975    154
T29Corsi, JoeHannastown Golf Club+10F+147480    154
T29Thompson, AndyOverbrook Golf Club+6F+147876    154
T29Gonsior, JohnLimekiln Golf Club+11F+147381    154
T29Kennedy, Todd R.Country Club of York+10F+147480    154
T29Rose, MichaelPhilmont Country Club+7F+147777    154
T29King, LeeHeidelberg Country Club+12F+147282    154
T36Trotter, Larry R.St. Clair Country Club+2F+158372    155
T36Scott, Rick A.West Shore Country Club+9F+157679    155
T36Donatoni, DonWhite Manor Country Club+8F+157778    155
T36Poet, Jeffrey K.Country Club of York+8F+157778    155
T40Billings, Robert P.Rolling Green Golf Club+12F+167482    156
T40Prendergast, James E.Brookside Country Club+12F+167482    156
T40Shuman, Mark E.Whitford Country Club+12F+167482    156
T43Rodney, JohnDiamond Run Golf Club+8F+177978    157
T43Rowe, John W.Whitemarsh Valley Country Club+8F+177978    157
T43Chylinski, EdChester Valley Golf Club+9F+177879    157
T43Daniels, Gary E.Aronimink Golf Club+14F+177384    157
T47Cordaro, Joseph M.Longue Vue Club+7F+188177    158
T47Lawler, William P.Fox Hill Country Club+13F+187583    158
T47Allshouse, BobHannastown Golf Club+9F+187979    158
T47Quigley, Mark D.Lu Lu Country Club+10F+187880    158
T51McGuire, Mike F.Hannastown Golf Club+9F+198079    159
T51Strickler, EdHuntingdon Country Club+10F+197980    159
T51Ashley, DonaldPhiladelphia Country Club+11F+197881    159
54Whipple, Charles J.Huntingdon Valley Country Club+11F+207981    160
55Tompos, AndyHoneybrook Golf Club+12F+217982    161
T56Van Wagenen, RossWindber Country Club+9F+228379    162
T56Quinn, Michael B.Edgmont Country Club+8F+228478    162
T56Smee, Gregory M.Colonial Country Club+15F+227785    162
T59Over, Alan R.Bent Creek Country Club+10F+238380    163
T59Sheftel, Elliot S.Lehigh Country Club+10F+238380    163
T59Flora, Albert J.Huntsville Golf Club+11F+238281    163
T59Van Horn, AlanLu Lu Country Club+16F+237786    163
T63Pomroy, Thomas S.Windber Country Club+13F+248183    164
T63Schaible, Thomas F.Chester Valley Golf Club+13F+248183    164
T63Smith, Michael B.Sunnehanna Country Club+13F+248183    164
66Hirsh, Laurence A.Philadelphia Cricket Club+16F+257986    165
T67McFadden, JoelPhiladelphia Publinks GA+13F+268383    166
T67Knapp, GeorgeUniontown Country Club+14F+268284    166
T67Robinson, Carlyle M.Fox Hill Country Club+16F+268086    166
T70Perna, Dennis M.Spring Ford Country Club+14F+278384    167
T70Fritz, Robert W.Philadelphia Publinks GA+16F+278186    167
T70Everett, Carl B.Merion Golf Club+17F+278087    167
T70Dimoff, GeorgeWest Shore Country Club+18F+277988    167
T74Ford, Ray D.Ravens Claw Golf Club+15F+288385    168
T74Henninger, George J.Huntingdon Valley Country Club+16F+288286    168
76Majczan, BobLookaway Golf Club+17F+298287    169
77Pappa, BobPGA Individual Member+18F+308288    170
T78Carr, George T.Philadelphia Cricket Club+15F+328785    172
T78Abramski, BobTalamore Country Club+15F+328785    172
T78Sheva, Gregory A.North Hills Country Club+17F+328587    172
T78Cala, Joseph J.LedgeRock Golf Club+23F+327993    172
T82Donaldson, RobertDauphin Highlands Golf Course+19F+348589    174
T82Muehring, Kevin M.Uniontown Country Club+18F+348688    174
84Gaul, Gregory I.Merion Golf Club+18F+378988    177
85Duncan, William A.Carlisle Country Club+23F+439093    183
86Kyriakodis, Steve P.Lu Lu Country Club+26F+458996    185
 Umani, Richard E.Golf Course at Glen MillsWD  76     WD
 Paster, LarryPhilmont Country ClubWD  83     WD
 Caparo, Charles D.Plymouth Country ClubWD  84     WD
 Mairone, ThomasMcCall Golf & Country ClubWD  87     WD

The asterisk (*) indicates starting on the 10th tee.