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Olde Homestead Golf Club

Olde Homestead Golf Club
6598 Rt 309
New Tripoli, PA  18066

Architect:  Jim Blaukovitch Associates
Founded:  1995

 Club Contacts 
Golf ProfessionalKevin Edwards (610) 298-4653
SuperintendentKevin Scanlon (610) 298-4653

 Club History 

Olde Homestead’s 18-hole golf course features a restored 1910 farmhouse that is now the clubhouse — a 1700s summer kitchen with bake oven, a one-room schoolhouse and a drive-thru corn crib. The summer kitchen, located near the No. 9 tee, is the last remaining structure of the 1700s Schneider settlement. The original log house burned down in 1920, followed by the log barn in 1965. In 1910, Nathan H. Snyder, a descendant of the original Schneider settlers, built a new home which is now Olde Homestead’s clubhouse.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Education acquired land from David Schneider in February 1851 for a new school building. A wood-frame building was constructed and became known as Schneider’s One-Room School, where first through eighth grades were taught. The school was then rebuilt between 1880 and 1890 in accordance with state architectural specifications for one-room schoolhouses. Designed to accommodate a maximum of 50 students the cost of the new brick building was $300. The school was in continuous use from 1852 through 1946 without any electricity or running water. Originally there were two outhouses: one for boys and one for girls. All of the students and the teacher walked to school, and school was never canceled due to snow or ice. Since most of the students were from farm families, the school was closed for two weeks in the fall so the students could help with the harvest. The building, which is located at No. 13, was restored to its original state in 1999.

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