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About PA Golf

Pennsylvania Golf Association


On Feb. 19, 1909, six gentlemen gathered at the Rittenhouse Club for the purpose of forming a state golf association. Those present were Messrs. Frederic Byers and John Moorhead, Jr., of Pittsburgh and Messrs. Robert W. Lesley, Howard W. Perrin, Dr. Simon Carr and Harrison Townsend of Philadelphia. The formal name of the association, agreed upon at this first meeting, was the Pennsylvania Golf Association.

It was first ordered that the formal organization take place at the time of, or prior to, the date of the Lesley Cup. The main purpose of this organization was to establish the first state championship tournament, which was to be held around the same time as the Lesley Cup. There would be a qualifying round of 36 holes and the event would be played on the Saturday prior to the Lesley Cup. Match play was to take place the following week. Huntingdon Valley Country Club held the first Amateur Championship and Harold B. McFarland, a Huntingdon Valley member, defeated A. W. Tillinghast of Philadelphia Cricket Club for the title. There were 52 entrants.

Membership eligibility to the Pennsylvania Golf Association was open to any golf or country club whose links were situated in the state and shall have duly qualified as a member of the United States Golf Association (USGA). The dues for each club in 1909 were $10, which entitled one delegate from each club to vote either in person or by proxy. The sum of $2 was fixed upon as the entrance fee for the State Championship.


The Pennsylvania Golf Association (PAGA) is the authoritative body of amateur golf in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In that role, PAGA promotes growth, preserves traditions and protects the integrity of the game, in accordance with the rules adopted by the United States Golf Association. To fulfill its purpose, the PAGA conducts state championships and offers other relevant services to its members and the golfing community regarding common concerns, and assists them in promoting, perpetuating and enjoying the game.


The purpose of the Association, as stated in its Articles of Incorporation, is to promote the interests of golf throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

This has been accomplished and will continue to be accomplished through administration of the Amateur, Women's Amateur, R. Jay Sigel Amateur Match Play, Senior Amateur Match Play, Mixed Team, Men's and Women's Four-Ball events, Art Wall, Jr. Memorial, George Dressler Memorial, Junior Boys' & Girls', Parent-Child & Father-Son, Middle-Amateur, Open, Senior Amateur, Women's Senior Amateur, and Senior Four-Ball.

1. Promote interest in amateur golf in the area served by the PAGA.
2. Provide and promote competitions among members.