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History of the PSWGA

Pennsylvania State Women’s Golf Association History



Seven and one half decades ago Mrs. E. Gillig Betz of Philadelphia and Mrs. J. Raymond Price of Pittsburgh had a conversation that resulted in the formation of the Pennsylvania State Women’s Golf Association. On February 3, 1932 the association was formed by representatives of the Women’s Golf Association of Philadelphia, the Women’s Central Pennsylvania Golf Association, and the Women’s Golf Association of Western Pennsylvania. Officers elected were President Miss Florence McNeely, Philadelphia Country Club, Vice President Mrs. J. Raymond Price, Oakmont Country Club, Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. E. Gillig Betz, Philadelphia Country Club. Three representatives from each association comprised the Executive Committee.

The first Amateur Championship was held at Aronimink CC in 1933.  A few notable golfers of the day were listed in the original program from 1933. Helen Stetson, Glenna Collett Vare, Dorothy Campbell Hurd, Mrs. Clarence Vanderbeck. The list also included four former national champions; Francis Williams, Edith Quier (Reading), Mrs. J. Raymond Price, Sarah Fownes Wadsworth (Pittsburgh). The trophy, a beautiful English cup, was presented by the Golf Association of Philadelphia. It is still in use today.



Today the Pennsylvania State Women’s Golf Association is an organization that is comprised of approximately 150 member clubs. The structure remains much like it was designed in 1932. To encourage equal representation the state is still divided into three sections: East, Central and West.  Each division has three representatives or directors that are elected for a three-year term. A President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer comprise the Executive Board and serve two-year terms. The President–Elect continues on to become President after her initial two year term. 


Past presidents of the association include:

Mrs. Thomas Butler (’60-’61)  

Mrs. John Haskell (’62-’65)        

Mary Capers (‘66-’69)     

Hatsie Campbell (’70)       

Phyllis Semple (’71-’73)           

Ruth Gade (‘74-‘75)

Connie Shorb (‘76-’79)     

Evelyn Moreland (‘80-‘82)          

Pam Emory (’83-’85)     

Ann Buck (’86-’87)          

Sue Sullivan (’88-’89)              

Adele Lebow (’90-’91)

Carol Semple Thompson (’92-’93)  

Judy Cooke (’94-’95)     

Sue McMurdy (’96-’97)     

Maisie Barlow (’98-’99)     

Barbara Green (2000-’01)          

Linda Roehre (‘02-’03)

Mary Ellen Smallwood (‘04-’05)    

Sue McKenzie (‘06-’07)      

Judy Saurer (‘08-’09)     

Pat Hughes-Gelardi (‘10-’11)         

Fayann Kikta (‘12-‘13)     

Pattie Parsons (‘14-’15)

Lorraine Jones (2016)              

Annie VanZant (2017-2018)          


Every year the Eastern, Central and Western divisions host a fun day for junior girls and a Four-Ball stroke play tournament.  The Women’s Amateur (1933), Senior (1970) and Super-Senior (1996) Championships are played at match play and are all held at the same site. In 1990, the Amateur and Senior were played at stroke play due to a scheduling issue at Lancaster Country Club. Championship sites rotate across the state from year to year. The Junior (1955-58, 1968) and Junior-Junior (2007) Championships are stroke play events and also rotate throughout the state. Approximately 500 girls and women participate in our tournaments each year.

Championship Sites

In our 75 years from 1933 to 2011 (event did not take place 1942-1945 due to WWII) the PSWGA Amateur Championship has been played on some of the finest courses in the state.  Merion GC has hosted the most Amateur Championships at five while Oakmont CC, Pittsburgh Field Club, Allegheny CC, Gulph Mills and the Country Club of York have each hosted four.  Allegheny CC, Fox Chapel GC, Hershey CC, Huntingdon Valley CC, The Kahkwa Club, Lancaster CC, and West Shore CC have each hosted 3 Amateur Championships.

Merion GC (’36, ’55, ’64, ’79, ’95)         

Oakmont CC (’35,’41,’54, 2006)

Pittsburgh Field Club (’38,’48,’57,2000)     

CC of York (’53,’74,’93, 2011)

Allegheny CC (’51,’63,’78, 2012)          

Fox Chapel GC (’60,’69,’94)

Gulph Mills (’58, ’70, ’89, 2013)          

Hershey CC (‘34,’59,’96)

Huntingdon Valley CC (’61, ’76, 2004)     

The Kahkwa Club (’75,’97, 2009)

Lancaster CC (’71,’90, 2005)             

West Shore CC (’68,’87, 2002)


In 1933 Miss Frances Williams of St. Davids GC, captured the very first PSWGA Amateur at Aronimink CC beating her opponent, Miss Edith Quier of Berkshire CC. Now we celebrate the 75th “birthday” of the Amateur Championship. Many women have contributed to our Pennsylvania State Women’s Golf Association history!


Curtis Cup

Pennsylvanians have made a mark on Curtis Cup history as players and as Captains.

Edith Quier Flippin (’54, ’56)         

Janie Fassinger (’70)

Debbie Massey (’76)                  

Dorothy Germain Porter (’50) Captain 1966

Helen Sigel Wilson (’50,’66) Capt 1978 

Judy Oliver (’78,’80,’82) Honorary Capt 1992.

Noreen Mohler (’78) Capt 2010.


Carol Semple Thompson’s illustrious and unparalleled career includes an amazing record for Curtis cup appearances.  She has played in twelve Curtis Cups (’74,’76,’80,’82,’88,’90,’92,’94,’96,’98, 2000, ’02) and then captained the U.S. team in 2006 and 2008.


USGA State Team

In 1995, Pennsylvania sent a women’s state team comprised of Carol Semple Thompson, Judy Oliver and Liz Haines to participate in the inaugural USGA Women’s State Team Championship held in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  This tournament grew out of the United States Golf Association’s Centennial celebration and was fashioned after the biennial World Amateur Team Championship.  With Judy Cooke as Captain, our Keystone ladies won the competition by one stroke over the Lone Star State, Texas! Carol Semple Thompson played on 8 consecutive teams and then captained the 2011 team.  Liz Haines has competed in six team championships.  We have finished 1st, 5th, 3rd, 9th, 6th, 22nd, 27th,  12th , 18th, 27th 3rd and 20th an impressive record. The event was held every other year and discontinued after the 2017 event.

Carol Semple Thompson (’95-2009)  

Liz Haines (’95,’97,‘99,2001,’03,’05,’07)

Judy Oliver (’95)

Mary Moan (’97)

Lisa McGill (’99, 2007,’09,‘11)

Connie Shorb (2001,’03)

Cheryl Seamans (2005)

Noreen Mohler (2009, 2011)

Alexandra Frazier (2011)

Kelli Pry (2013)

Brynn Walker (2013, 2015)

Amy Kennedy (2013)

Ellen Ceresko (2015)

Aurora Kan (2015, 2017)

Katie Miller (2017)

Katrin Wolfe (2017)


Amateur Championship

In 2010, seventeen-year old Aurora Kan, a high school student, from Hartefeld National GC became the PSWGA’s youngest Amateur Champion. The record for the most wins is held by Carol Semple Thompson at a staggering 22 wins in a 40 year span.  In 2006 she won the amateur at the age of 58. Players with multiple wins:

22 - Carol Semple Thompson (1969,’75,’78-’82,’84-’86,’88,’92-’95,’97-2002, 2006)

5 - Helen Sigel Wilson (’40,’47,’48,’49,’58)   

3 - Dorothy Germain Porter (’46,’52,’55)

      Connie Hirschman Shorb (’68,’72,’74)

      Judy Johnson Oliver (’70,’76,’87)

      Katie Miller (2007, 2015, ’17)

2 - Mary Kuhn (’35,’38)

     Betty Abernethy (’37,’41)

     Betty Fehl Fegley (’50,’65)

     Annette Gessler Kane (’51,’53)

     Mary Capers (’54,’60)

     Virginia Dyson (’56,’62)

     Roseann Klinefelter (’59,’60)

     Alice Gray (’61,’63)

     Deb Eckroth (’90,’91)

     Ellen Ceresko (2012, ’13)


Carol has won seven USGA Championships – Women’s Amateur (1973), four consecutive Senior Women’s Amateur titles (1999-2002) and two Women’s Mid-Amateurs (‘90,‘97). She won the 1974 British Ladies Open Amateur and played on five USGA Women’s World Amateur Teams. In 1994, she became only the second woman to serve on the USGA Executive Committee (1994-2000) and still remains an active volunteer. In 2003, the USGA bestowed upon Carol it highest honor for an individual, the prestigious Bob Jones Award. She has competed in more than 100 USGA Championships, becoming the charter member of the “Century Club” in 2005. It is a record that will probably never be broken. The PGA of America named Carol the 2005 First Lady of Golf, an award given to a woman who has made significant contributions to the promotion of the game of golf. In 2008, Carol was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. She is a woman of dignity, integrity, humility and graciousness.  Pennsylvania is proud to claim Carol Semple Thompson. She is a true ambassador of the game and her extraordinary career is in a league of its own.


Senior Championship

In 1970, our Senior Championship was organized by Evelyn Moreland for women 50 years and older. During a trip to England she purchased the current Senior trophy, then donated this unique trophy to the association. Connie Shorb from the CC of York has won the tournament a record ten times.

10 - Connie Shorb (1997-2001, 2003,’05,’06,’11,’12)

5 - Evelyn Moreland (’71,’73,’76,’79,’81)

3 - Erma Keyes (’77,’85,’87)

     Noreen Mohler (2008, ’13,’14)

2 - Phyllis Semple (’72,’75)    

     Helen Keithline (’83,’84)    

     Shelia Selby (’89,’91)

     Maureen Paladino (’92,’94) 

     Bonnie George (2002,’04)

     Lisa McGill (2010, ’18)

     Beth Ward (2016,’17)


Super Senior Championship

In 1996, a Super Senior championship for women of 65 years and older was added.  Sheila Selby and Bonnie George both from Huntingdon Valley have won four titles.  

4 - Shelia Selby (’99, 2001,’02,’06)               

     Bonnie George (2009,’10,’11,’16)

2 – Maisie Barlow (2007, ’08)

      Judy Owens (2013,’14)                    

      Gail Brown (2003,’04)


Junior Championship

Leona Sayre won the inaugural Junior Championship in 1955 then Margot Morton (’56-’58) won the next three. Ten players have won two Junior Championships:

Janie Fassinger (’68,’69)       

Debbie Massey (’70,’71)              

Betsy King (‘73,’74)              

Michele Berteotti (’80,’81)      

Kate Rogerson (’83,’84)          

Patricia Corace (’86,’87)

Stacie Aber (’89,’90)          

Erin White (’91,’92)              

Jordan Craig (2002,’04)                    

Jackie Calamaro (2008,’09) 

Betsy, Debbie and Michele went on to the LPGA Tour. The event was discontinued after 1958, began again in 1968 and continues today with a Junior-Junior Championship being added in 2007 to further encourage participation at all levels of ability. Julia Curley was a double winner (2009-2010). The Herr sisters pulled of a family double with Erica winning in 2011 and younger sister Madelein winning in 2012.

Our PSWGA Junior Champions have distinguished themselves on the high school level as well, winning both the Junior Championship and the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Championship. Some winning both in the same year!

Linda Mescan (JR 1978 – PIAA 1978)     

Michele Berteotti (JR 1980,’81 – PIAA 1979)

Kate Rogerson (JR 1983,’84 – PIAA 1983) 

Jen Myers (JR 1985 – PIAA 1985)

Stacie Aber (JR 1989,’90 – PIAA 1989,’91)

Laura Hammond (JR 1993 – PIAA 1993)

Lisa Strom (JR 1994 – PIAA 1994)       

Rachel Rohanna (JR 2005,’07- PIAA 2005)

Sarah Bejgrowicz (JR 2006 – PIAA 2006)  

Jackie Calamaro (JR 2008,’09 – PIAA 2009)

Erica Herr (JR 2011 – PIAA 2011,‘12)      

Brynn Walker (JR 2013 – PIAA 2014)


PSWGA “Doubles”

Five players have won both Amateur and Senior titles during their careers:

Helen Wilson (AM ’40,‘47-’49,‘58 – SR’86)

Phyllis Semple (AM ’64 – SR ’72,’75)

Connie Shorb (AM ’68,’72,’74 – SR ‘97-2001, 2003,’05,’06, 2011, 2012)

Noreen Mohler (AM ’77 – SR 2008, 2013, 2014)

Carol Semple Thompson (AM 22 times ! – SR 2015)


Only two mother-daughter duos have won both the Amateur and the Senior Championships in the same year.

Carol Semple Thompson – Amateur & Phyllis Semple - Senior (1975) The Kahkwa Club

Judy Oliver - Amateur & Evelyn Moreland - Senior (1976) Huntingdon Valley CC.


Four players have won both the Senior and Super Senior titles during their careers:

Sheila Selby (SR ’89,’91 – Super ’99,2001,’02,’06)

Gail Brown (SR ’90 – Super  2003,’04)

Maureen Paladino (SR ’92,’93 – Super 2000)

Bonnie George (SR ’02,’04 – Super 2009,’10,’11,’16)


Three players have won both Junior and Amateur titles during their careers:

Janie Fassinger (JR ‘68,’69 – AM’71)

Debbie Eckroth (JR ’88 – AM ’90,’91)

Cynthia Skilton (JR ’98- AM 2004)


Three players have won both an Amateur title and a PIAA title. Aurora Kan achieved a unique double winning both in the same year. Katie Miller won three PIAA titles before winning her first Amateur in 2007, then repeating in 2015 and 2017.

Katie Miller (AM 2007, 2015 – PIAA 1999, 2000,’02)

Aurora Kan (AM 2010 – PIAA 2010)

Isabella DiLisio (AM 2014 – PIAA 2013)



The constitution of the Pennsylvania State Women’s Golf Assoc. states “the object of this organization shall be to encourage friendly competition among women golfers of the State of Pennsylvania and to hold an Annual Championship Tournament and such other events as the Executive Committee shall decide.”  Year after year the Pennsylvania State Women’s Golf Association continues to leave its imprint on women’s golf in the Keystone State.  The friendships that have resulted out of mutual respect from the opportunity to compete against one another has left memories that will last a lifetime for those fortunate enough to have experienced the competition.  The defined objective of the organization, friendly competition among women golfers of the State of Pennsylvania, has stood the test of time and will continue to do so as each generation of women come together and make their own memories.

Two women had a conversation seventy-five years ago.  As a result of that conversation they set the lifetime course record for women’s golf in Pennsylvania and we are all the better for it!  We wish to thank the individual players and the member clubs that have supported our Association through the years.

In October 2018 the Pennsylvania Golf Association and the PSWGA unanimously agree to merge. The new board will continue to work for the men and women of Pennsylvania to better serve and promote golf for all players in Pennsylvania.


Revised 10/14/18