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Special Exemption Policy

Please understand the Special Exemptions may be granted under unique circumstances.  The Pennsylvania Golf Association has developed the following criterial to evaluate Special Exemption Requests.  If you would like to apply for a Special Exemption, please click the link at the bottom of the page and complete the form.  All requests should be submitted a minimum of 10 days before the close of entries.

Special Exemption Request Policy and Guidelines 


   USGA Championship Participation

   Top 10 Finish in PA Major Championship (Amateur, Open, Mid-Am), past three years

   Former PAGA Champion

   Regional Golf Association Champion, past three years

   Top 25 finish in national amateur points event (Sunnehanna, North/South, Jones Cup, etc.) 

   Scratch Golfer Rankings



   Evidence that the individual has supported the Association in the past

   Evidence that the individual’s character meets the level of integrity of the Association 

Reason for the request

   The player must show that there is a good reason for his request, more than a schedule conflict with other     events

   The unwillingness to try to qualify is not a reason in and of itself


Special Exemption Application