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2018-Kenneth A. Phillips, Lancaster Country Club
2017-Douglas E. Gregor, Huntingdon Valley Country Club
2016-James W. Parsons, Carlisle Country Club
2015-Dr. James J. Mahoney, Lake View Country Club
2014-James J. Callaghan, Rolling Green Golf Club
2013-King T. Knox, Lancaster Country Club
2012-John W. McMurdy, Jr., Indiana Country Club
2011-Dr. Peter G. Richter, Hershey Country Club
2010-Charles R. Dannenberg, Merion Golf Club
2009-Raymond C. Mott, Country Club of Harrisburg
2008-Dr. Randall L. Valentine, The Kahkwa Club
2007-Mark Studer, Oakmont Country Club
2006-Thomas E. Paul, Gulph Mills Golf Club
2005-John P. Trach, Country Club of Harrisburg
2004-Frank E. Rutan, IV., Philadelphia Country Club
2003-Donald D. Wolff, Jr., Fox Chapel Golf Club
2002-Donald J. Hall, Sunnehanna Country Club
2001-Roderick F. Eaken, Berkshire Country Club
2000-Dr. William D. McCann, Lancaster Country Club
1999-Bradford D. McKean, Longue Vue Club
1998-Dr. E. Newbold Cooper, Rolling Green Golf Club
1997-Dr. Joseph E. Green, III., Carlisle Country Club
1996-Edwin F. Sheetz, Jr., Fox Chapel Golf Club
1995-John G. Hendrickson, Philadelphia Cricket Club
1994-Harry McLaughlin, Pittsburgh Field Club
1993-Algis Norvaisa, Lake View Country Club
1992-Dr. James Cunningham, Country Club of Scranton
1991-Max Banzhaf, Lancaster Country Club
1990-John R. Birmingham, Oakmont Country Club
1989-Francis C. Poore, Philadelphia Country Club
1988-Gary H. McQuone, Allegheny Country Club
1987-N. Lewis Rawlings, Merion Golf Club
1986-Robert W. Swinston, Longue Vue Club
1985-Dr. Jay N. Weaver, Country Club of York
1984-Dr. Jay N. Weaver, Country Club of York
1983-Leighton B. Ford, Aronimink Golf Club
1982-Robert B. Egan, Fox Chapel Golf Club
1981-Joseph T. Brennan, II., Lancaster Country Club
1980-Bruce E. Davis, Saucon Valley Country Club
1979-Ralston W. Merchant, Sr., Longue Vue Club
1978-William I. Kent, Philadelphia Country Club
1977-W. B. McCullough, III., Merion Golf Club
1976-Neal Mitchell, Sewickley Heights Country Club
1975-O. Gordon Brewer, Huntingdon Valley Country Club
1974-J.K. Mahaffey, Jr., Oakmont Country Club
1973-Thomas S. Greenwood, Philadelphia Cricket Club
1972-Joseph T. Brennan II., Lancaster Country Club
1971-Robert B. Happenstall, Jr., Fox Chapel Golf Club
1970-John D. Laupheimer, Merion Golf Club
1969-Ralston W. Merchant, Longue Vue Club
1968-Victor R. Despard, Jr., Lancaster Country Club
1967-John W. Brand, Oakmont Country Club
1966-Willis S. De La Cour, Gulph Mills Golf Club
1965-Harton S. Semple, Allegheny Country Club
1964-Matthew J. Scammell, Jr., Huntingdon Valley Country Club
1963-Richard H. Miller, Fox Chapel Golf Club
1962-Guy C. Bates, Merion Golf Club
1961-Fred Brand, Jr., Pittsburgh Field Club
1960-James C. Gentle, Sunnybrook Golf Club
1959-Richard H. Semple, Jr., Allegheny Country Club
1958-Eugene G. Grace, Jr., Gulph Mills Golf Club
1957-David I. McCahill, Jr., Pittsburgh Field Club
1956-Malcolm L. Wister, Gulph Mills Golf Club
1955-R. Burt Gookin, Longue Vue Club
1954-C.H. Howe, Merion Golf Club
1953-T.S. Jamison, Jr., Oakmont Country Club
1952-P.H. Strubing, Sunnybrook Golf Club
1951-J. Frederic Byers, Jr., Allegheny Country Club
1950-Joseph Harrison, Jr., Gulph Mills Golf Club
1949-Joseph W. Oliver, Fox Chapel Golf Club
1948-W.B. McCullough, Jr., Huntingdon Valley Country Club
1947-Knox M. Young, Jr., Shannopin Country Club
1946-Charles B. Grace, Gulph Mills Golf Club
1945-WW II
1944-WW II
1943-Charles B. Grace, Gulph Mills Golf Club
1942-Beverley R. Shriver, Fox Chapel Golf Club
1941-Van Horn Ely, Merion Cricket Club
1940-S. Davidson Herron, Allegheny Country Club
1939-Ralph H. Knode, Philadelphia Country Club
1938-W. Danforth, Oakmont Country Club
1937-H. Molthen, Gulph Mills Golf Club
1936-Henry C. Fownes, II., Oakmont Country Club
1935-Earl E. Baruch, Merion Cricket Club
1934-George H. Flinn, Jr., Fox Chapel Golf Club
1933-John Mitchell, III., Merion Cricket Club
1932-James A. Fownes, Oakmont Country Club
1931-Spence L. Jones, Gulph Mills Golf Club
1930-Greer McIlvain, Oakmont Country Club
1929-E.B Leisenring, Gulph Mills Golf Club
1928-J. Bernd Rose, Allegheny Country Club
1927-Maxwell R. Marston, Merion Cricket Club
1926-Robert A. Lyne, Oakmont Country Club
1925-John R. Maxwell, Merion Cricket Club
1924-John C. Dilworth, Allegheny Country Club
1923-Alan D. Wilson, Philadelphia Country Club
1922-A.K. Oliver, Allegheny Country Club
1921-Wirt L. Thompson, Huntingdon Valley Country Club
1918-WW I
1917-WW I
1916-E.M. Byers, Allegheny Country Club
1915-Wirt L. Thompson, Huntingdon Valley Country Club
1914-J.F. Byers, Allegheny Country Club
1913-Howard W. Perrin, Merion Cricket Club
1912-William C. Fownes, Jr., Oakmont Country Club
1911-Samuel Y. Heebner, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club
1910-John Moorhead, Jr., Allegheny Country Club
1909-John Moorhead, Jr., Allegheny Country Club
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